Our Time Machine Apps

This morning we each built a Time Machine app. (The H. G. Wells kind, not the Macintosh kind.) Okay, so it was more like a picture viewer, but it displayed images that could transport a person back in time (so to speak).

20131204 class_pic2

Last night I uploaded some interesting shots from my 2010 New Zealand trip to a Dropbox folder they can both access on their Netbooks. What self-respecting kid wouldn’t love to see a group of Maori warriors, or an active gold mine, or trucks with tires as tall as a regular truck?

The LiveCode stack window had just 3 objects – a list field to let you pick a photo filename, a button to choose the pictures folder and load the list field with those photos, and an image object where the selected photo is displayed. And no fancy code, mostly just an “answer folder” in the button and a “set the filename of image” in the list field. Even a 6-year old could do it. In fact, he did.

You can download our Time Machine app here. (It’s about 2k, with plenty of room for improvement.)  To run it, LiveCode has to be installed on your computer.

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